About TGSCo.

Welcome to The Guitar Strap Co, where passion for music meets exceptional craftsmanship. As a premier destination for guitar straps, we've been at the forefront of combining style, functionality, and comfort for musicians around the world.

Our Journey
Since our inception, The Guitar Strap Co has established itself as a leading specialist in the world of guitar straps. Our breakthrough moment came in 2017 when we appeared on the acclaimed Australian TV series Shark Tank. Here, Boost Juice founder Janine Allis recognized our potential, investing $100,000 and taking on a mentorship role​​. This pivotal experience propelled us to new heights, allowing us to expand our vision and reach.

A Global Presence
Our commitment to excellence has led us to participate multiple years in the renowned NAMM expo, showcasing our innovative designs and superior quality to a global audience. This expo, a gathering hub for music and entertainment technology communities, has been instrumental in our growth and outreach​​.

Our Products
At The Guitar Strap Co, we offer an array of guitar straps to suit every musician's needs. Whether you're looking for a custom guitar strap to express your individual style, a durable leather strap for longevity, or a comfortable strap for those long sessions, we have it all. Our collection spans across various types, including:

  • Custom Guitar Straps
  • Leather Guitar Straps
  • Adjustable Guitar Straps
  • Acoustic Guitar Straps
  • Electric Guitar Straps
  • Bass Guitar Straps
  • Designer Guitar Straps
  • Printed Guitar Straps
  • Vegan Guitar Straps
  • Handmade Guitar Straps

Each strap is designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of guitarists. From cool, unique designs to high-quality straps with pick holders, our products are not just accessories, but a blend of art and utility.

Our Commitment
Our mission goes beyond just selling guitar straps. We aim to enhance your musical journey with straps that are as unique as your music. Whether you're a budding artist or a seasoned professional, our straps are crafted to elevate your playing experience, ensuring you stand out on every stage.

Join Our Community
Explore our collection at www.theguitarstrapco.com and be a part of a community that values quality, style, and the spirit of music.

The Guitar Strap Co: Where Music Meets Style.