Original Series Black Leather Red Stitch Guitar Strap

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Say. Do you know how to play Wonderwall, Come As You Are and the intro to Nothing Else Matters? Then you must be an acoustic guitarist. Unlike your song repertoire however, our acoustic series comes in a wide varitey with a choice of colours that will bring some much needed flare to that circa '98 wardrobe.

Made from ethically sourced leather and complimented by a high quality suede backing and double stitching, this strap is guaranteed to see you through those birthday party gigs all the way to that close relatives wedding.

On a serious note, as active guitar players, some players don't like the strap to have friction on the shoulder for grip when they play and others love it. We have designed this strap with two lots of belly hide to allow flexibility and have backed it with suede for that extra grip.

Usually it takes years for a strap to wear in, where we have designed this strap to fit like a glove, form to your collar bone and to feel like you have had it for years from the first play.

Black leather double stitched, support stitched around all hole and backed with cream suede this strap is made to be soft, strong and flexible for the player. 

Material: 100% Genuine Leather 

Width: 6.5cm

Length: 129cm extending to 155cm