The Stingray Blood Bath Guitar Strap

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"We're gonna need a bigger boat." There's blood in the water with The Guitar Strap Co's Stingray - Blood Bath. It's unique faux stingray leather is as tough and durable as any other leather currently on the market.

Perfect for towing the line. The ethically sourced, 100% suede backing helps reduce slipping even in the strongest squalls and it's one of a kind, eye catching design is sure to bring in the biggest catch.

Black Leather Surround with Single Red Stitch, Red Faux Stingray Leather, Support stitching around all hole, Cream Suede backing, Custom Metal Feature Badge.

Disclaimer – No actual stingrays were harmed in the writing of this blurb… OH or the making of this strap

Material: 100% Genuine Leather 

Width: 6cm

Length: 125cm extending to 151cm